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We feel very lucky that our job is our hobby

We live and breath graphic design and are lucky enough to do something we genuinely care about. From creating bespoke cutting-edge visual concepts that inspire and inform, to typesetting large volumes of text and generating associated infographics to communicate complex intellectual concepts, we do it all. And we do it with skill, enthusiasm and a wealth of experience.
Our development team possesses all the necessary skills and industry-specific knowledge to deliver the results your business and end-users need. With us, you can be sure your app solutions will be easy-to-use, intuitive and impactful.




Our designs are simply effective

Less is more
In new era, minimalism is more than just a trend of the time.
Users prefer to instinctively know where everything is.

Graphic design

Visual identity
Marketing & advertising
User interface
Motion graphic
Art and illustration

From the typewriter to Macindosh, from offset to laser, 
from paper to virtual reality.
We follow the trends and design for the optimal UI/UX.

Web design

The transformation of an idea to a useful web app.

We design minimal, true responsive layouts, that look good on all devices, screen resolutions and OS.

Responsive design is much more about automatically resizable images and fonts. Is a new, difficult but satisfy, way of design thinking.

Broaden your Horizon

Expand your thinking
Increase your requirements
Ask more, get more
Nothing is impossible to develop for you

Custom software solutions

Unique needs need custom solutions.

The first step is to study of your business operation and identify the appropriate technologies.
Second step the development of a fully customizable software from scratch, that answers the exact requirements of your business.

It should do all the things you want it to do, looking to the future. Custom software development may be more expensive in a short term, but it’s more likely to use unique technology and meet your company’s expectations.

Software as a Service

Modernize your services, taking advantage of the new technologies features.
Describe us your needs.
Does it meet common needs?
We develop the platform at no cost to you.
You use it, customized for you, paying only as a service.

Web development

Place your business on the web.

You get the idea.

We know the successful way.

Utilizing the appropriate technologies for each case.


Grow your business, increase your target audience.

We offer you a modern online store,

we undertake the safe connection with the banks and

we train you to operate your store as e-store.

Mobile apps

Take advantage of new technologies

Improve your business operation and employee experience

Approach your customers in an innovative way

Use technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) in your products presentation and services

Create new revenue channels

Perfect your web presence

It looks like impossible to be in the top 10 of
Google search?
Keep in calm and carry on
We know the way to get it
Step by step, with you, for you and for us

Media production

We expertise in sports events and real-time broadcasts.

TV Graphics

TV-quality 3D CG Graphics with Stats for Live Video Broadcast production. CG graphics for multi-genres such as sports, finance,  news, education, corporate presentation, and more.

Media streaming

The increase in bandwidth and network capacity, especially the emerging 5G networks, and in addition the interactivity of the Internet, become Web broadcasting greater potential than TV broadcasting.

We offer multi camera HD web streams, with real time graphics and interactive features, without the need for OVBAN at the event site

Football statistics platform

Digital accreditation services

Digital services for everyday life of citizens

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